ˇ°Yun's Paradiseˇ± is a new hotel brand of the Harvest Festival Group, the first hotel is located at the central of downtown. You can experience the mixture of the prosperous of HuaiHai Road and the traditional culture of the Old City God's Temple. You can fully feel the times rhythm of the Eastern Paris---Shanghai. The decoration of the hotel is similar with world famous Boutique Style. The hotel has fashionable and European styled facilities, provide comfortable and instant service. Guests could enjoy the predominant location, private space, delicious food and considerate service with the secondary price.

It located at central of downtown, Just take few minutes from hotel to XinTiandi, the Bund, LuJiazui Financial Center, People's Square, Yu Garden. The East FuXing Road and the East Yan'an Road Tunnel just outside of hotel, it is convenient to connecting PuXi and PuDong. Also you just can take 20 and 40 minutes to HongQiao and PuDong airport.